What are the types of PBN Hosting?

PBN hosting is a network of websites that can create backlinks, there are many types of hosting options available and you have to choose the right one for yourself. The only criteria which will help us in identifying or judging the Best PBN Hosting service is its ability to minimize the risk of de-indexes period.

Types of PBN Hosting:

There are six types of PBN Hosting for a blog network, each have their own advantage, footprints and drawbacks.

  1. SEO/PBN Hosting
  2. Reseller Hosting
  3. Cheap A-Shared Hosting
  4. Cloud Flare/ Reverse proxies
  5. Popular Hosting
  6. PBN & Popular Host Hybrid

SEO Hosting:

They are specifically designed for hosting private blog networks, this helps in sharing an IP and the name servers exclusively with blog networks. Email address shown in an SOA record, it has the same owners of all IP address. Using this SEO hosting you can manage all the websites from a single account, you are also given a list of name servers and IP’s to use. If any issues you need to contact only one company, and the bill payment is also easy, you can keep a track of it. You can prefer Neo PBN for better deals with awesome results.

Reseller Hosting:

This involves buying a reseller hosting account and getting extra IP addresses so that each site can have unique IP addresses. The IP addresses are owned by the same company, in this type also you can manage all the websites from a single account, the IP address in owned by one company and if you are using this type then you need to use a DNS manager.

Cheap A- Shared Hosting:

This hosting was launched after reseller hosting, because in this hosting the name servers are unique for every websites. IP addresses are owned by different companies and are shared with a money site. There are some drawbacks here because the hosts disappear regularly without giving any backups and you have to manually install WordPress.

Reverse Proxy Services:

A service that provides you an IP addresses which can mask your webserver. All the IP addresses are owned by the same company, same name servers and the owners of name servers are also the same.  Unlike Cheap A-shared hosting the setup process is quick and easy, one time installation and no changes have to be made.


Popular Hosting:

This has the gold standard of PBN hosting, here the name servers are unique for every webhost. The IP addresses are usually in separate A Class’ and are shared with real legit websites. In this type also the host will get vanish without giving you backups.


This type is also the same as the popular hosting and it is used in the real business world, it is highly recommended for hundreds of sites and a team to manage them.

PBN & Popular Host Hybrid:

This is a new type of hosting that ensures the safety and helps in managing all the data without any hassle. This type can reduce your cost and management time.